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Four alternative pre-season workouts

We hate to say it, but autumn’s really not far off, and that means getting back into gear and back into the gym. But rather than doing the same old exercises as your pre-season training, why not try something different? Trying out some new styles […] Read More >


Why swimming is the ideal recovery exercise

Dealing with muscle pain and soreness? Coming back from an injury? Or are you simply a gym newbie and looking to have some fun? Swimming is the perfect sport to jump into and find your fitness groove. It’s great cardio and gets your heart pumping, […] Read More >


The benefits of resistance training

If you’re not familiar with it, resistance training is exactly what it sounds like – resistance training is the practice of using resistance or an opposing force when exercising. Incorporating weights, like a barbell for instance, is a form of resistance training, and it’s most […] Read More >


A beginner’s guide to macro dieting

You only really begin to see and feel the benefits of a good exercise routine when it’s paired with a good diet. The hard work that you put in at the gym can easily be undone by a “cheat day” takeaway, and, without the right […] Read More >


Donate for National Blood Week

We all want to help those in need and give something back, but often a busy schedule gets in the way. Taking part in a charity event or even training for a sponsored run can often be tricky to schedule in, but giving blood takes […] Read More >


Four incredible yoga retreats

Practicing yoga at home or at one of our many weekly classes is a great way to stretch, tone, and relieve the stress and tension of a busy lifestyle. And while that’s great, even we can’t deny incredible benefits to be gained from a yoga […] Read More >

Off to Rio

Team GB

‘I Am Team GB’ event highlights

On Saturday (Saturday August 27th), as a nation we welcomed home to the incredible athletes who made up Team GB, who achieved incredible, and in some cases unexpected, success in Rio this August. In celebration of the team’s many triumphs multiple events took place across […] Read More >